Les Stroud - Survivorman's Bigfoot Encounters

Written by: The Overlord

Recently, Les Stroud, better known as TV's Survivorman, has started talking about two unexplained encounters he had in the deep bush during his many adventures before and during his filming of the Survivorman series. Stroud is now convinced that he has had two encounters with Sasquatch.

On comedian/actor Joe Rogan's podcast show, Stroud talks in detail about his second encounter with something while on a survival trek in Alaska. Be warnedJoe Rogan does not censor his language, so I would not call this a family friendly interview.

Upon further research, the ParaNorthern team found this note relating to the second encounter which is the one Stroud is emphasizing. The event took place on day five of Survivorman's Alaskan adventure episode. From Stroud's Survivorman website:

"Tonight I even managed to make a short grass matt to sleep on and a hammock chair out of an old fishing net to hang on. The strangest thing happened tonight when I was making my grass matt. All of a sudden a deep and very loud grunting noise from about fifty yards away in the bush brought me to my feet and put the hairs up on the back of my neck. It repeated four times and I have to say sounded…..wait for it….just like a large gorilla! No, I’m not kidding. Hopefully I’m not losing it! But I swear. That’s what it sounded like. Not like a bear at all. Like a big gorilla. I will assume it was a bear though – a mother warning her cubs about my presence. But still…..it will be an interesting sleep tonight!"

To see Les Stroud tell the story himself in a more family friendly fashion, and to see the clips he references in his comments in the Rogan interview, watch the  video clip below. You do clearly see Stroud looking up and around at something.

Status - Unexplained 

At ParaNorthern we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and believe that if you were not there with Stroud at the time, then it is impossible to make a decision as to whether or not he had an encounter with bigfoot. He's not even sure.

It is quite common for people to decide that they encountered Sasquatch after they had an encounter in the forest that they could not explain. In Stroud's original writing he does not mention bigfoot at all, but says that it wasn't a bear, and sounded more like a gorilla.

It's worth noting that Stroud's version of the sounds the creature made sound more like a gorilla, and is not like the yowling type of vocalization noises commonly associated with bigfoot. Here's a link to an example on BRO.net, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization's website purported to be a Sasquatch in Ohio dating back to 1994.

The team at ParaNorthern.ca want to know your thoughts? Did Les Stroud have an encounter with a bigfoot? Is he more credible as a witness to you than some of the other people who have come forward with similar stories? 

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